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5 Ways to Improve your Fire Alarm Zone Charts

5 Ways to Improve your Fire Alarm Zone Charts

  1. Ensure that your zone charts are in the correct orientation

Surprising as it may be, there are still plenty of companies that use a coloured-in print out of a building’s original architects CAD drawing that is not correctly orientated. According to BS 5839 all zone charts must be in the correct orientation when mounted next to the fire alarm panel. For example, if you enter a building and the fire alarm panel is mounted on the wall directly to your left then the zone chart should show the door you entered as being on your left when facing the panel.


  1. Get your zone charts re-drawn electronically

Not only will they be available to email and keep on file, they’ll also be clear and professional. Zone Charts should be an integral part to all fire alarm systems – Not something that looks like an afterthought.


  1. Use zone charts to promote your company

Make sure that your logo and company details are featured on the printed zone chart. It shows that you are happy to put your name to it and confirms that a fully compliant installation or service has been given.


  1. Make sure your customers actually have zone charts and know of their importance

Zone charts can’t sell your company, provide any function or attain full compliance if they are not there. Your customers will only have to pay once and it will mean that there are no ‘major non-compliances’ on future service certificates. It is never too late to start recommending zone charts.


  1. Don’t be afraid to outsource

You can save a lot of time and money by outsourcing the completion of your fire alarm zone charts to an external company. Unless you feel some kind of joy from creating them yourself – I’d suggest making some calls today.


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