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7 reasons for Investing in Independently Approved Online Training

7 Reasons for Investing in Independently Approved Online Training

Government guidelines recommend a suitable training system be implemented for any device purchased for use in assisting in a means of escape for a disabled person.

Safety in the workplace is now an important area of business efficiency, professionalism and success. Companies must comply with rules and regulations to ensure a healthy and safe working environment for their employees. Having independently approved training and courses helps keep staff up-to-date and protected from potential injuries and accidents.

For organisations of any size, having workers who are trained in health and safety creates an awareness of potential hazards and issues, in turn helping to prevent the occurrence of accidents. By adopting an integrated delivery method, staff can be trained through either e-learning and/or locally delivered courses, ultimately resulting in safer emergency evacuation practices.

As manufacturers of potentially life-saving emergency evacuation equipment, Evacusafe UK are fully aware that to ensure a safe evacuation, confidence in their products and their operation is vital. Training on such equipment is therefore crucial to ensure all staff expected to be involved in an evacuation are competent in its use. That’s why Evacusafe were the first emergency evacuation equipment manufacturer to have the will to put both its onsite AND online training up for independent examination by two of the UK’s most recognised and respected names in Health and Safety, RoSPA and IIRSM.

The important point for the introduction of online courses is it provides flexibility to customers to choose the training platform that best suits their organisation.

Online training is now common place and available for all aspect of a business. It has become a standard method of instructing employees on a vast range of topics, from commercial practices to health and safety matters. Who would have thought you could take an online DSE Assessment or even a Manual Handling course but it is now accepted as the most cost effective method for training staff.

Here are 7 reasons why it has grown in popularity:

1.  Train multiple staff

Online training is flexible enough to allow any number of staff to learn at any one time.

2.  Learn at your own pace

Online training allows the trainee to work through the material at their own speed be that faster or slower than others with the option of repeating any sections that they were not sure about until they are confident of it.

3.  Flexible course schedules

Online training allows individual trainees to complete course modules conveniently, over a period time and at a pace that suits them.

4.  Eliminates possible travel & venue costs

Employees may have to leave the workplace which can incur travelling time and expense, as well as incurring the cost of an alternative venue in which the training will take place. With online training, staff do not need to leave the physical building as they can access their training directly from their place of work.

5.  Reduces the cost of lost productivity

Online training is more flexible and can be fitted in around the individual employee’s workload and therefore less hours of productive work will be lost, thus reducing the cost of lost productivity.

6.  Eases the process of change management

Online training makes it easier to introduce new skills or systems to staff, for example evacuation equipment such as tracked evacuation chairs or rescue mattresses.

7.  Low cost of reuse

Traditional training requires the production of materials & content, and the cost of a tutor. Online training can be used for any new employees without further delivery cost other than the time the individual spends training.

Ultimately, whichever format is chosen, businesses should have the confidence in the knowledge it has been accredited by an independent Health and Safety body and not the training providers own internal ‘accreditation’.

Evacusafe UK are manufacturers of specialist evacuation chairs and mattresses which can assist persons with a mobility impairment to descend the stairs from the upper floors of a building safely during an emergency evacuation. They also provide the only independently approved training for their onsite and online courses.