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‘A Question of Safety’ from ASFP

‘A Question of Safety’ from ASFP

The Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) is giving visitors to Firex International, ExCel, London an opportunity to question a range of experts from across the built environment regarding the specification, installation, inspection and management of passive fire protection.

The interactive question time event, to be held in the UBM Expertise & Guidance Theatre from 10.30am-12.30pm on Wednesday 22 June 2016, will allow visitors to pose questions that may impact their business. A panel of experts made up of eminent specialists from within their industry discipline, will offer opinion and stimulate debate on issues that are of direct concern.  

Questions may range from:

  • ‘If I find my fire compartmentation to be inadequate, what are my options?’
  • ‘How do I know that the fire resisting products being installed are fit for purpose?’
  • ‘What is the relevance of specifying and installing passive fire protection that has third party certification?’
  • ‘Just what is my legal responsibility?’

Speakers will represent the views of the architect/designer; fire engineer; main contractor; passive fire protection installer; passive fire protection manufacturer; certification bodies; fire service; building control; facilities manager; insurer; and the building owner. The panel will comprise:

  • Architect/designer: Paul Bussey, AHMM architectural practice
  • Criminal regulatory lawyer: Kizzy Augustin,  Pinsent Masons LLP
  • Fire engineer:  Glenn Horton,  H+H Fire
  • Main contractor: Gerald Laxton,  Kier
  • Passive fire protection installer: Gareth Dean, Sharpfibre
  • Passive fire protection manufacturer:  Carl Atkinson, FSi (Chairman ASFP)
  • Other passive fire protection body:  Dr Eric Southern, Intumescent Fire Seals Association 
  • Fire Service:  Mick Osborne, DCFO Buckinghamshire FR and Chief Fire Officers Assocaition  lead on fire protection
  • Building control:  Martin Taylor, LABC
  • Insurer: Allister Smith, Aviva
  • Building owner : Bob Bantock, National Trust
  • Facilities management:  TBA

This invitation-only event is designed to be interactive. If you would like the panel to address a specific issue, you can submit your question in advance, to enable the panel of experts the time to consider their view.

To register for the event visit For further details or to submit a question for discussion visit, or email