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Access control padlocks – new from Mul-T-Lock

Access control padlocks – new from Mul-T-Lock

Security specialist Mul-T-Lock has added some of its popular NE high security padlocks and the robust Hasplock DIAMOND to its eCLIQ® offering, allowing for full access control capabilities in even the harshest of applications.


Mul-T-Lock’s eCLIQ® access control system allows businesses to manage access permissions remotely, from anywhere in the world. This includes the ability to schedule individual access permissions for each key, as well as to provide time-limited access.


Now, Mul-T-Lock’s range of high security NE padlocks and its coveted Hasplock DIAMOND are compatible with the eCLIQ® system, bringing benefits to businesses who require an access control solution for outdoor and remote use.


Mul-T-Lock’s NE range of padlocks are capable of functioning with high reliability in all conditions, providing excellent resistance against physical attacks and maximum resistance against weather and other environmental conditions and impacts, such as corrosion.


The NE range is not only CEN Rated from 3 up to 6, but also Sold Secure Bronze, Silver, Gold – and in the case of NE14 OS and CS, Diamond – certified by the Master Locksmith Association. Cost-effective, yet highly secure, these padlocks also meet EN 12320 standards.


Mul-T-Lock’s Hasplock DIAMOND is a robust and burglar-resistant locking solution that allows for the padlock and hasp to be incorporated into one stainless steel unit, with a locking bolt that cannot be removed.


These new additions to the eCLIQ® range are now providing users with access control and audit trail capabilities for even the most remote locations. From shipping containers, perimeter fencing and gates, to fleet management companies, theme parks and outdoor sports centres across the UK.


eCLIQ®’s audit trail capabilities allow business owners to access comprehensive data illustrating who accesses which lock and when; with access being easily removed remotely when a key is lost or if a member of staff leaves.


This not only offers enhanced security but also significantly reduces whole life costing, as it removes the need to replace physical locks; and keys can be validated daily, weekly, or monthly to keep them continuously secure.


Working on a modular system, eCLIQ® locks are quick and easy to install with no cabling required. Not only is maintenance not required for up to 200,000 cycles, but key batteries are also fast and easy to replace once every 30,000 operations, at a nominal cost to the business, with no need for specialist tools.


To learn more about Mul-T-Lock’s eCLIQ® access control system with new and improved padlock options, or to become an approved Mul-T-Lock distributor, please call 01902 364200, email or visit

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