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Are You Gambling with Your Evacuation?

Are You Gambling with Your Evacuation?

Your evacuation probably only ever happens at drills and perhaps the occasional false alarm. It’s frustrating that it’s not as polished as you’d like but there’s no real pressure, because it’s just a drill. Your staff seem to know what they are doing. You’re using a verbal reporting system and it works. Sort of. Some information is sketchy and you’re not quite clear if some areas have been checked as well as they could be. But, in the end, there’s no pressure.

But what if it were real?

John from Security is checking the list and thinks he heard someone say Accounts was clear but not sure because he was distracted by someone from Creative tapping him on the shoulder and wanting to be the centre of attention. Again. And to top it all, it’s started to rain and his pencil doesn’t work as well as it should. Angela and Tony are having a conversation about not being able to hear the Fire Alarm as clearly as they think it should be and wondering if anyone else thought the same. John remembers this from speaking to someone else, he thinks it was Lynn but it could have been Jeff. And he can’t recall if Simon, Charlotte and Tracy said all their areas were clear or not, and who was responsible for the toilets on the First floor? Bob seems to spend half his life in them, warming the seats – and he isn’t here now.

Brian from Legal stands in front of John, as he always does, blocking his view of everyone coming out, and begins to explain in great detail that the Fire Exit door doesn’t open as easily as it should, (he thinks it may be down to the carpet pile being a little long, but he won’t be sure until he’s checked with Procurement), and does John want him to get back to him on that and oh and by the way there’s a missing Fire extinguisher. Another distraction. John suddenly remembers Lesley and Graham saying everything was OK but no record of Nigel being with them. Or was he?

And then the Fire & Rescue Service arrive. John looks at his list…..

Your evacuation doesn’t need to be a gamble!

Look for a system gives you 100% reassurance that you’ll have clear and consistent information at all times. Information that really could save lives if the worst happens. Choose a system that’s simple to set up and gets a positive buy-in from your Fire Wardens with training that only takes a few minutes.

See how TagEvac can help you better manage your evacuation.

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