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ASFP launches new firestopping training for installers

ASFP launches new firestopping training for installers

The Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) has launched a new e-learning course aimed at passive fire protection installers. The ASFP Firestopping for Installers course equips learners with the essential knowledge and skills to install different types of firestopping products.

Hosted on the AREA 9 Lyceum platform, alongside ASFP’s popular Level 2 and 3 Foundation courses, it offers learners a personalised adaptive learning experience tailored to their individual needs. The course is question-driven and incorporates text, speech and videos to take learners through typical installation processes step by step.

Video footage of different firestopping systems being installed is used to ensure each individual’s knowledge of the installation process for each system type is confirmed, developed and improved. Spoken text and images alongside the video footage describe the composition and purpose of each system and offer guidance on installation best practice. The learner’s knowledge and understanding is then evaluated via a series questions of varying types.

On completion of the course, learners will be issued with a “Certificate of Completion” as evidence that they have achieved the Learning Objectives.

Developed by the ASFP in collaboration with firestopping manufacturers and installer companies, the course forms part of the ASFP’s Competency Pathway that is designed to develop and improve passive fire protection standards in the built environment. By providing a more generic approach to typical manufacturer training, it broadens installers’ knowledge of installation techniques for a range of firestopping products, including batts and mastics, pipe collars and wraps, fire and cavity barriers, compounds and mortars.

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