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BAFE Scheme continues to grow

BAFE Scheme continues to grow

In September 2016, BAFE registered their 900th company who have achieved SP203 certification. This milestone is of great significance to illustrate the importance of third party certification and the aspiration of quality fire protection companies all across the UK to have their competence verified.

In 2010, the 300th SP203 BAFE approval was to ITS Fire & Security (, who have continued to be third party certified to this day. “Being BAFE registered gives us the edge over our competitors. Our customers understand that we are competent in everything that we do” explained Rob Day, Managing Director.

Over six years, BAFE have approved 600 additional companies to the SP203 schemes. This remarkable growth and continued success of the SP203 schemes displays the desire for fire protection companies across the UK to provide evidence of their competency and skill to provide these services to the highest quality level.

Clayton Fire & Security Ltd (, certified by BSI to the Fire Detection and Alarm Systems SP203-1 scheme, is the 900th company to become BAFE SP203 approved. The message of providing assurance of quality work is as ever present as it was six years ago. “Becoming certified with the BAFE SP203-1 scheme demonstrates our competency in the industry” stated Clayton Ford, owner of Clayton Fire & Security Ltd. “Our BAFE approval will help us promote our quality service to provide fire detection and alarm systems.”

Stephen Adams, BAFE Chief Executive, commented “The SP203 schemes have continued to grow, developing a strong base of regional companies providing important services for fire systems across the UK. These schemes are continually reviewed to ensure they always demonstrate the highest competency levels possible to support quality standards.”

The BAFE SP203 schemes cover multiple areas of fire protection that feature modular certification in the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of specific systems. These are fire detection and alarm systems (BAFE SP203-1 scheme), emergency lighting systems (BAFE SP203-4 scheme) and fixed gaseous fire suppression systems (BAFE SP203-3 scheme).

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