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Churches Fire & Security Launch Brand New Training Academy

Churches Fire & Security Launch Brand New Training Academy

Churches Fire & Security, a national provider of fire safety and security services, has launched an internal Training Academy to progress careers, and train out-of-industry employees.

Multi-Skilled Technical Experts

Developed to fill the skills gap in the fire and security industry, structured hands-on learning and classroom sessions are delivered to existing Churches employees and those new to the trade.

Current employees learning through the Churches Academy have made the transition from full-time fire extinguisher technicians to expand their knowledge to include the systematic workings of fire and intruder alarm systems. Churches has a reputation for first-time fixes, meaning their technicians are able to provide maintenance for multiple amenities in one service visit. This negates the need for return visits, saving the customer money, time and the need to make a follow-up appointment.

Through the training at the Academy, more multi-skilled technicians are available to visit customer sites to maintain extinguishers, fire and intruder alarms.

Employees new to the industry learn the mechanisms of fire extinguishers during the first month of their training, observing existing technicians on customer sites as they maintain and service. Following the on-the-job training, the new recruits learn from a regional training centre.

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