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Prestigious Middle East Projects For Prysmian

Prysmian’s strong presence in the Middle East made the company’s fire performance cable the obvious choice for the project. Over 300km of cable, FP200 Flex and FP400, was supplied for use in the fire alarm systems in the airline’s modernised impressive nine-story building, which has two basements and a tunnel leading staff underground directly into the airport.

Prysmian cable has been the cable of choice for many prestigious developments in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi as purchase manager for International Electromechanical Services, the company that installed the FP cable in the Emirates Airlines Headquarters, Antony Vas, explains, buying cable from a reputable manufacturer and distributor is one of the most important deciding factors when purchasing cable.”

Reliable cable used to power all fire alarm and emergency systems was absolutely necessary for the development, which took two years to complete. This however was not the only reason for using Prysmian’s Fire performance cable, Vas also commented on the cables’ ease of use, “The cable was very easy to install and of very good quality,” he said.

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