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Cut the Cost of False Alarms with the New Low Profile Universal Stopper®

Cut the Cost of False Alarms with the New Low Profile Universal Stopper®

A false fire alarm can prove extremely costly; wasting company timedisrupting crucial school exams, and increasing the risk of road traffic collisions involving emergency vehicles – costing precious time, resources, and lives.

Worryingly 2018 equalled record level highs of false fire alarms across England – with both accidental and malicious activations seeing a marked increase on previous years.

With an estimated £1 billion a year wasted on false fire alarms it is imperative that your organisation finds a solution to this growing issue, avoiding potential fines and preventing dangerous alarm fatigue.

The new Low Profile Universal Stopper® is an invaluable deterrent in the fight against false alarms, featuring a refined slimline design that provides the necessary protection without encroaching into the surrounding area.

An optional sounder is now accompanied by a flashing LED which acts as an additional visual alert, ideal for noisy environments or adapted settings for people hard of hearing.

While the alarm and LED combination guards against malicious activation, a sturdy polycarbonate shell deflects heavy blows making it ideal for schools, sports halls and shopping centres – a break seal can be added for an extra layer of defence.

Safeguarding a range of electronic switches and buttons the newly redesigned hood is available in five colour options: red, green, yellow, blue, and white. Text is printed on our state-of-the-art UV printer, with custom text also available.

The versatile cover offers excellent protection in harsh environments, both indoor and outdoor, preventing unwanted ingress. The protective cover can be installed to meet the requirements of IP56 or IP66.

A simple 4 fixing installation retrofit over existing devices and does not hinder legitimate use in a real emergency. All models can accommodate flush or surface mount applications.

For further information on the new Low Profile Universal Stopper contact our sales team on +44(0)1527 520 999, or email