DHF promise of performance standards drives up quality levels

DHF promise of performance standards drives up quality levels

Don Sowley will act as a DHF-approved inspector of the new scheme, ensuring members adhere to standards of capability, customer service and quality. He will also help manufacturing members of the DHF needing assistance in achieving audited factory production control as part of the process of meeting the minimum standards.

The scheme is part of a major initiative from the DHF, the voice of the UK door and hardware sector, designed to further drive up quality levels in the industry. It applies to all members involved in the manufacture, supply, installation and maintenance of their products. 

It is one of a number of strategies adopted by the DHF which is raising the bar in terms of the standards of technical competence offered by its member companies. The full implementation of the DHF scheme from April 1, 2012 follows the introduction last year of a strengthened Code of Conduct governing members’ standards of workmanship, quality assurance, training, safety and business integrity.

Executive chairman Bob Perry pointed out that ‘raising standards’ has been the clarion call underpinning the federation’s quality drive for the past few years.

‘The scheme recognises the consistent high standards adopted by our members by establishing formal and measurable criteria against which our members can be judged. The appointment of Don Sowley as inspector is the guarantee to customers that the quality levels of all our members is subject to inspection.

‘It means that specifiers, contractors and end users will be able to obtain products and services of a guaranteed quality from DHF members. It is also their reassurance that DHF members they are dealing with are meeting all their obligations under forthcoming CE marking legislation.’

A number of minimum standards must be reached by members, depending on whether they are manufacturers, installers, service & repair companies or distributors. 

These include having third party audited factory production control schemes in place, offering compliance with harmonised standards and making declarations under the Machinery Directive. Other minimum levels to be attained by DHF members include being compliant with various repair, service and installation standards, fire door certification and demonstrating a commitment to training.

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