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EAPFP appoints new presidential team

EAPFP appoints new presidential team

The European Association for Passive Fire Protection (EAPFP) appointed a new presidential team at its general meeting in Barcelona on 17-18 November 2015.

Joric Witlox of the Association for Passive Fire Protection Netherlands (BBN) takes on the role of president, succeeding Vicente Mans, who has held the position since 2012. Miroslav Smolka of APPO SR, the Slovak Association for Passive Fire Protection was elected vice-president.

During his time as president, Mr Witlox aims make better use of the resources held within the association. Initially he plans to conduct a member survey to identify their influence and to examine how the association can best serve its members and use their influence to campaign for improvements in fire safety across Europe.

Speaking on his appointment, Mr Witlox stated:

“I would like to thank Vicente for all of his effort and time. He was an excellent president, having the knowledge, patience and energy to lead the Association both in technical and communication matters. He restructured EAPFP in 2014 by changing the constitution and opening the Association to corporate members, resulting in a significant growth in membership.

“I want to consolidate this work and to open up our hidden resources as I am convinced we have far more knowledge within the association than we currently recognise. We often discuss issues of concern to each nation state, and it is my belief that the majority of these are in fact of common concern.

“I believe the role of the EAPFP is to identify which of these topics can be addressed and to take a lead in campaigning for improvements. I invite all members to open up their resources for our mutual benefit and for the benefit of European fire safety.”

Adding his support, Mr Smolka said:

“I am happy to be joining the EAPFP presidential team at a time when it is growing both in membership and scope. I will be pleased to support Joric in his efforts to consolidate the EAPFP knowledge base and to coordinate national fire safety associations in the sharing of best practice for the benefit of common European goals.“

Established in 1988, the European Association for Passive Fire Protection campaigns to raise the standard of fire safety in buildings and offers a range of publications and guidance notes in several languages. The EAPFP also has representation on various Technical Committees within the European Committee for standardisation involved in developing technical standards for the European Union.

EAPFP members include a range of national associations from across Europe as well as corporate members from the passive fire protection sector. For further information on the EAPFP, visit; tel: +44 (0)1420 471616; e-mail:


Published December 2015