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Eaton’s Fulleon Business LX Visual Alarm Devices Now VdS Approved

Eaton’s Fulleon Business LX Visual Alarm Devices Now VDS Approved

Power management company Eaton today announced that its Fulleon business, a leading manufacturer of life-saving alarm devices, has been granted VdS certification for its LX range of visual alarm devices. This certification reinforces the safety credentials of the LX range as it now meets Germany’s highest product standards in fire protection and safety technology.

“We’re delighted to have gained VdS accreditation for our successful LX range of beacons,” said Peter Regan, product marketing manager, Eaton. “This approval further demonstrates our continued commitment to ensuring that Fulleon products reach the highest industry safety standards possible and provide our customers with the assurance that they have the best solution for their application.”

VdS is accredited by the Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle Technik (DATech) according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 for the testing of products and according to DIN EN 45011 for the certification of products. To secure the approval, the LX range had to be tested by the VdS laboratories on the basis of VdS guidelines and also go through a certification by the VdS certification office.

Eaton’s LX range with patented lens technology was initially introduced to meet the requirements of the recently enforced EN 54-23 standard, a uniform standard for visual alarm devices (VADs) to improve life safety in high noise areas and increase notification for the hearing impaired. The EU standard, that came into effect in January 2014, requires that a light level of 0.4 lux per square metre is dispersed across the entire area. 

The LX range was developed to provide the lowest possible current consumption while still giving the highest possible light output to allow a greater number of devices on a circuit. 

The devices are based on familiar Fulleon product platforms providing easy recognition and the reassurance of reliability and efficiency. The LX range consists of six products comprised of wall mounted devices and ceiling application devices, all of which boast coverage of 7.5m.

Eaton’s Fulleon business was the first to produce a low current, fully certified range of products and has also launched a campaign to help raise awareness of EN 54-23 across the industry. As part of the campaign Eaton, has made a number of training and information resources available such as an online specifying tool to help professionals determine which products are required for a given installation, a beacon placement template that overlays scale drawings for ease of use and a pocket guide to the EN 54-23 standard.