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Fast Cars and New Patents – it’s all happening for FFE at FIREX!

Fast Cars and New Patents – it’s all happening for FFE at FIREX!

It’s been a busy year for fire safety specialist FFE. Not only are its Talentum flame detectors being installed in Bloodhound, the world’s fastest car, the company has also been awarded a patent for the ground-breaking light cancellation technology in its Fireray beam smoke detectors.

If that all sounds quite interesting, why not call past booth H160 at FIREX to find out more? FFE’s team are a very friendly bunch and will be at your disposal to answer any questions you may have.

The jet-powered Bloodhound will attempt to break the existing land speed record of 763 mph later this year and then break the 1,000 mph barrier in 2016. As can be expected, safety is paramount so the company is delighted that its Talentum flame detectors have been selected for the car.

As for the light cancellation technology – it works by actively monitoring ambient light levels on the Fireray detector, ‘subtracting’ them from the ‘real’ signal. This allows the detector to work under the most difficult light conditions, including sunlight, sodium lamps and fluorescent lighting.

“At FFE we’re obsessed with our customers’ – it’s their needs that drive all our research and development,” says the company’s managing director Mark Osborne. “Through this R&D we’re constantly developing new world-leading technologies – the kind of technologies that are selected by Bloodhound and that aren’t baffled by the sun.”

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