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FIM Expo: The Fire Detection & Alarm Trade Expo

FIM Expo: The Fire Detection & Alarm Trade Expo

Do you:

  • Install/maintain fire detection and alarm systems?
  • Have responsibility for such systems in your building?
  • Specify what fire protection systems should be installed in a new building?

If you answered yes to any of the above there’s a show you should be attending FIM Expo.

FIM Expo is an intimate road show-style event that features many of the UK’s leading fire detection and alarm manufacturers and focuses on showcasing the latest products and developments in this sector of the industry. It is free to attend, encouraging people to drop in throughout the day.

Organised by the Fire Industry Association (FIA), FIM Expo provides fire detection installers, maintainers and those who commission or specify fire alarm systems installations with the perfect opportunity to catch up on what’s new from all the UK’s leading fire detection manufacturers.

With up to 20 exhibitors, FIM Expo provides access to all the key manufacturers in one easy move as well as a good opportunity to network with existing suppliers. There is also an educational element to each event with a complimentary seminar during the day covering a key subject area affecting FD&A systems.

The Expo isn’t just aimed at engineers who work with FD&A systems, though. It is also perfect for specifiers of fire protection systems in buildings and those responsible for fire safety in commercial premises.

FIM Expo travels around the country throughout the year and its next stop is at the Titanic Centre in Belfast, Northern Ireland, on Wednesday 17th September. The Belfast seminar will focus on control & indicating equipment (CIE) and visual alarm devices (VADs). It will cover the product certification required to comply with the Construction Products Regulation as well as running through the FIA’s recently published guidance for specifiers of CIE to help them understand the requirements.

For the latest information on who’s exhibiting in Belfast, what time the seminar is on and to register visit the FIM Expo website at>>

FIM Expo

Wednesday 17th September

Titanic Centre, Belfast