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Fire protection manufacturer Plumis wins national business accolade

Fire protection manufacturer Plumis wins national business accolade

London, 26th November, 2014: The Real Business Growing Business Awards, held in association with Lloyds Bank and supported by the CBI, announced the 2014 winners at a ceremony held at the London Marriott Hotel.

Innovator of the Year was won by London based Plumis The business offers affordable alternatives to domestic fire sprinklers, having developed a series of innovative fire suppression systems under their Automist brand. Established in 2008, Plumis produces Automist, which is counted as one of the top 15 British inventions of the last decade by the British Library.

Judges commented: “Yusuf Muhammad (Design Director and co-inventor of Automist) is truly passionate about his product and his company. This business is achieving great commercial outcomes and is a credit to the system.”

The Innovator of the Year category celebrates genuine innovation in all aspects of business, ranging from unusual management strategies to disruptive business models and from ground-breaking product design to cutting edge manufacturing techniques.

Plumis Design Director, Yusuf Muhammad commented: “We are delighted to win this award and be recognised for our company’s innovative approach. At Plumis we seek to create products and services that set the standard for seamless property and life protection in the home, and enable modern open layouts that meet the fire safety requirements of Building Regulations.”

Tim Hinton, Managing Director, SME & Mid Markets at Lloyds Bank, commented: “The Growing Business Awards are an important opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate UK business successes across a wide variety of industries. The stories behind this year’s award winners are incredibly interesting and motivating. It’s great to see the combination of personal passion and clever business thinking that have driven these businesses forward.”

Open plan compliance solution from Automist

Plumis – Automist provides a simple and effective fire safety solution for creating open plan homes.

Homeowners appreciate the freedom, light, and sense of space that go with contemporary open plan layouts. Yet open plan designs are often in conflict with fire regulations and are rejected due to the lack of a protected escape route in the event of fire. So how can you provide open layouts with a safe fire escape route?

Plumis Automist is a discreet fire suppression appliance designed for use in homes. A dedicated Heat Alarm detects fire conditions, triggering a fine water mist, which suppresses the fire and restores survivable conditions while occupants escape. 

The product includes spray nozzles that mount on a standard wall plate and a small pump that can be located in a nearby cupboard. The result is almost invisible.

In three-storey houses with an open plan ground floor an Automist design can eliminate the need for a boxed-in staircase, whilst complying with fire safety design requirements. And more expansive layouts may be possible with the support of a fire engineer review and report including apartments, where Automist may allow bedrooms that sit off a central living area.

For further information on the Plumis Automist range of water-mist suppression solutions call Plumis on +44 (0) 20 7871 3899, visit or email .