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Firefighter creates bespoke miniature replica helmet gifts exclusively for The Fire Fighters Charity

2 June 2021, FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Firefighter creates bespoke miniature replica helmet gifts exclusively for The Fire Fighters Charity

A firefighter has teamed up with MSA Safety and Rosenbauer to create and release a series of handcrafted miniature helmet gifts exclusively for The Fire Fighters Charity, to raise funds to support its vital services.

Adam Tubby, a wholetime and retained firefighter with Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service, wanted to create a lasting memento for firefighters like himself once they retire from the service – by recreating their most vital piece of equipment.

The miniature replica helmets – which are copies of real-life helmets by MSA Safety and Rosenbauer – are mounted on a solid oak plinth and presented in a display case. Each one is created using a 3D printer over several hours, before being mounted by hand and personalised according to the buyer’s specifications.

Adam said: “Firefighters’ helmets get put through a lot; sweat, smoke, grime. But cleaning regimes have got a lot better in recent years, which means that helmets can be passed on. So firefighters don’t always get to keep them when they retire, like they used to.

“My father-in-law was a firefighter and kept his. It’s a good memento of his service and what he did in his career… I thought, what can I do to create the same, but make it something that’s modern and smaller? It would be great for retiring firefighters to have something like a helmet to remember their time, but a real one is also too big to have in your front room on a piece of wood! So the idea for the miniature version hit me, and it just went from there.”

The replica helmet gifts are available in two styles: the MSA Safety Gallet F1 XF and the Rosenbauer Heros Titan Helmet. They can either be ordered in yellow or white and can be personalised with rank markings, from firefighter right through to CFO. There’s also the option of having a personalised BA Tally or Engraved Plaque, and Service Medal Ribbons can also be added.

Once ordered, they can be completed and shipped directly within 21 days. Sales Price is £230 + p&p. To find out more, visit The Fire Fighters Charity’s online shop here.

Kevin Biles, The Fire Fighters Charity’s Sales Manager, said of the new addition: “We are very excited to be working with Adam on these exclusive replica helmets and want to say a very big thank you to MSA Safety and Rosenbauer for their support with the project too.

“Our shop has a fantastic range of gift items and this new addition of miniature replica helmets gives our customers the best in quality and choice when it comes to celebrating the dedication and service our fire and rescue service beneficiaries provide. Of course, all money raised from the sale of the helmets also goes straight back to the Charity, helping us to support firefighters in need across the UK.”

Members of the fire and rescue services in need of support can call The Fire Fighters Charity’s Support Line on 0800 3898820 or visit

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