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Fulleon’s EN 54-23 compliant beacon range, ‘LX’ is fully certified and available today

Fulleon’s EN 54-23 compliant beacon range, ‘LX’ is fully certified and available today

January 2014 saw the introduction of EN 54-23, a new standard for Fire Alarm Beacons. All Beacons manufactured for Fire Alarm use and sold for fire alarm applications in the E.U. after this date, must be CE certified using the new standard. 

Fully certified EN 54-23 solution available today

To meet the exacting demands of this new standard, Eaton’s Fulleon business has launched the first fully certified range designed exclusively for the fire market.

Available now, the LX Range provides fully certified Visual Alarm Devices (VADs) to EN 54-23. The range comprises of a Wall Category and Ceiling Category beacon, a low current sounder beacon, a low current IP66 Sounder Beacon and a RoLP (Roshni) Sounder Beacon, which is fully compatible with all existing RoLP Sounders. 

Maximum coverage, minimum consumption 

The LX range was developed to provide the lowest possible current consumption while still giving the highest possible light output, so as to maximise the number of devices on a circuit.

The LX range centres on patented lens technology that manages the distribution of light with extraordinary efficiency.  Any light outside of the volume prescribed in EN 54-23 is a waste of power; the LX lens refracts light to remove hot spots directly in front of the LED before re-distributing the light to illuminate dark spots. This method delivers the intensity of light required whist minimising current consumption. 

Power and flash rate settings provide ultimate flexibility

All products in the LX range have 2 room size settings; 7.5 metres for larger spaces, down to 2.5 metres for smaller areas. The flash rate can be set at 1Hz or 0.5Hz. The 7.5m coverage setting at 0.5Hz is 16mA, switch to a 2.5m wall setting and the current consumption drops to a market leading 10mA.

The settings allow for each device to meet the unique requirements of each specific area, and to manage power consumption in the most efficient manner. As well as providing flexibility, it also helps simplify stock management and reduces stock holding.

The LX range achieves an EN 54-23 compliant red flash for only 10mA

EN 54-23 allows for either a Red or a White Flash. In many parts of Europe a red flash is synonymous with fire. To develop a red flash option that achieves the required 0.4 lux specified by EN 54-23, without compromising the current consumption, is extremely challenging. With the LX range, this has been achieved; both the red and white flash options consume 16mA when set to 0.5 Hz and a room setting of 7.5m. All LX products are available in either a Red or White Flash.

 Help with specifying and product selection

The FIA and LPCB have produced a Code of Practice, CoP0001, to help system designers specify the placement of Visual Alarm Devices. In the recent update to BS5839-1 2013, CoP0001 is referenced, where the use of alarm beacons is chosen as a solution to a Risk Assessment.   

Eaton’s Fulleon business aims to make the transition to meet the new requirements as simple as possible. An online specification tool for the LX range has been developed, which will identify how many devices are required and their combined current consumption for a given area. The tool allows the user to quickly assess the impact of changing the flash rate and the type of product selected.

A 20 page pocket guide, ‘Introduction to EN 54-23’, has been created to help with the planning, installation, commissioning and maintenance of VADs.

Further resources, including design tools and product certificates are available at