Get your staff fired up!

Get your staff fired up!

When you start talking about fire safety most of the staff will listen with half an ear.  After all, there are fire drills (yawn) and signs showing them which way to go to get out of the building, what else do they need to know?

Actually, there’s plenty, but most people see health and safety as an exercise in ticking boxes and don’t think anything will ever happen to them.

Why don’t you make being fire safety conscious more interesting and challenge your staff to a competition?  Get each department to work as a team and ask them:

  1. What is the difference between a fire door and a fire exit?
  2. How many fire doors does the building have?
  3. How long is each door likely to contain a fire for?
  4. How many fire doors do you have to pass through to reach the nearest fire exit?
  5. How can you tell a fire door from any other door?
  6. What happens in a fire when a fire door is propped open?
  7. How does a fire door protect people in a fire?

Of course, the smart people will use the internet to help them to answer some of these questions, but then they’ll learn from doing that too.

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