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Hospital Aids

Directory Listing

Contact Name: Steve Clark.

Position: Director.

Address: 1 Kingsthorpe Business Centre, 
63 Studland Road, 
NN2 6NE.

Telephone: 01604 586501.



Company Description:

Hospital Aids, are manufacturers of evacuation equipment designed to assist carers in the safe removal of patients, in the event of fire or major emergency. We have over 25 years’ experience supplying the NHS, private hospitals, nursing homes, schools and councils with complete comprehensive safety solutions.

Our products have been used to successfully evacuate patients in some very high profile hospital fires such as, the Royal Marsden Blaze of January 2008.

Our most well-known products are the Ski Sheet, which is located permanently and unobtrusively under the mattress and is instantly available in emergency situations, and the Ski Pad, which has evolved from the familiar Ski mattress evacuation sheet and is used in cases where normal mattress evacuation cannot be used safely, due to narrow fire escapes and staircases.

We understand that the body mass of bariatric individuals can vary which is why we offer a range of products for the safe evacuation of obese and overweight individuals from emergency situations. Our latest innovation the Bariatric EvacMat has received plaudits from healthcare professionals and emergency services personnel as there are very few products on the market which cater for these individuals.

Our products are quite different to most other evacuation products, in the marketplace, as they tend to minimise the manual handling problems associated with the conventional methods used.

Most of our products are made to order however, some of our range is adaptable and we are able to construct proto-types and variations on our standard range of products.  If any of our products are of interest, please contact us and we will be happy to arrange a demo of the product or products.