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Improving Home Life Safety, Aico Launches AudioLINK+

Improving Home Life Safety, Aico Launches AudioLINK+

AudioLINK+ is now faster, quieter, and more reliable than ever before. The second iteration of Aico’s award-winning AudioLINK technology makes it easy to access real-time data from alarms via the free AudioLINK+ app.

AudioLINK+ extracts the same data as AudioLINK, but does this quicker and quieter than before to reduce disturbance and does not affect any other functionality of alarms. With the average time to take a report taking between 4-7 seconds, AudioLINK+ technology makes getting real-time data from Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarms more efficient – saving time, money and lives.

The AudioLINK+ app is backwards compatible, meaning AudioLINK alarms currently installed do not need to be replaced to utilise the new technology and will work with the new version of the app. However, users will need to update to the latest version of the app to download reports from any AudioLINK+ alarms installed within their properties.

The App generates a simple to read colour-coded report giving information on a range of alarm data including; alarm activations, sensor status, alarm testing information, battery and back up cell status, recorded Carbon Monoxide (CO) levels within CO alarms, and advice on dust contamination levels within the 3000 series alarms.

All of this information can be emailed directly from the phone or tablet to one or multiple addresses, being sent as a PDF report for the property or exported as a .csv file for simple integration with housing management and maintenance systems. Additional information can be added to the report to help link it to a specific alarm and to communicate important and helpful information.

There is no change in the pricing of alarms sold by Aico, just an improvement in the technology offered within the alarms. AudioLINK+ data extraction technology is built-in to all Aico’s Carbon Monoxide alarms such as the Ei208, and the entire 3000 series alarm range.

Find out more about this exciting new iteration of Aico’s home life safety technology:

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