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Introducing CLIQ® from Mul-T-Lock

Introducing CLIQ® from Mul-T-Lock

Security is always a priority for businesses – and with good reason. The safety of employees and customers, coupled with the security of goods, can be vital to any company’s success and profitability.


CLIQ® technology from leading security provider Mul-T-Lock offers a smart security solution for all types of businesses, from supermarkets and shopping centres to GP surgeries and gyms.


eCLIQ cloud-based web manager for large enterprises and systems


Mul-T-Lock’s eCLIQ access control system allows large businesses and those with multiple sites to manage access permissions remotely, from one central location, anywhere in the world. This includes the ability to schedule individual access permissions for each key, as well as to provide time-limited access.


This is ideal for companies with complex access and security requirements such as 24-hour supermarkets, as it allows tailored access for members of staff who may be coming and going at various times of the day and enables administrators to grant time-limited access to contractors and delivery drivers.


If a key is lost or a member of staff leaves, access can also be revoked, which is particularly useful for businesses that suffer from a high staff turnover or employ seasonal staff for busier times of the year.


The system’s audit trail capabilities also allow business owners to access comprehensive data illustrating who accessed which lock and when; ideal for those who are concerned about staff shrinkage or those who want to determine who should have access to certain assets.


CLIQ® Local Manager for medium to large applications


Mul-T-Lock’s CLIQ® Local Manager software has been designed for the day-to-day management of eCLIQ master key systems. With it, system managers can perform a variety of tasks based on the specific needs of their environment, managing access rights of user keys locally via desktop programming devices.


Local Manager is simple to set up, even if you’re completely new to CLIQ®. Automated COM port selection makes getting started quick and easy, plus the software has been developed to be extremely intuitive and user friendly, reducing the need for lengthy training sessions and in turn, decreasing investment costs.


The system has also been developed to offer a more secure solution due to state-of-the-art futureproof design, which allows system managers to allocate access authorisations and collect audit trails. This makes the software ideal for securing premises that house maximum security or sensitive data, such as prisons, hospitals and government establishments.


Able to handle up to 5,000 keys and 5,000 cylinders, Local Manager also supports GDPR compliant software used to meet user demands for data privacy. It can be used with any common Windows computer and is ideal for those wanting an access control system in remote locations such as national parks and farmland, as there is no need for network coverage at points of installation.


CLIQ® Go for small to medium sized companies


Mul-T-Lock’s CLIQ® Go access control system allows small to medium sized companies to remotely manage security ‘on the go’. It boasts all the benefits of eCLIQ technology, but can be managed by a designated administrator via the CLIQ® Go app.


The high security eCLIQ locks are easy to configure and can be easily fitted by a local locksmith. With no cabling, the cylinders can be retrofit to existing doors without causing any mess or disruption.


The available cylinders are also suitable for several different applications, from cabinets housing high value items to all-weatherproof padlocks for exterior gates. In fact, just one eCLIQ key can access doors, cupboards, elevators, machines and many other locking devices.


CLIQ® Go is the ideal solution for a variety of applications, such as small to medium independent shops, GP surgeries and gyms with a handful of staff who all need access at varying times, or that require individual access permissions to confidential data in storage rooms, for example.


eCLIQ access control padlocks


Mul-T-Lock’s range of high security NE padlocks and its coveted Hasplock DIAMOND are now compatible with the eCLIQ system, bringing benefits to businesses who require an access control solution for outdoor and remote use.


NE padlocks are capable of functioning with high reliability in all conditions, providing excellent resistance against physical attacks and maximum resistance against weather and other environmental conditions and impacts, such as corrosion.


Mul-T-Lock’s Hasplock DIAMOND is a robust and burglar-resistant locking solution that allows for the padlock and hasp to be incorporated into one stainless steel unit, with a locking bolt that cannot be removed.


These new additions to the eCLIQ range are now providing users with access control and audit trail capabilities for even the most remote locations. From shipping containers, perimeter fencing and gates, to fleet management companies, theme parks and outdoor sports centres across the UK.


To learn more about Mul-T-Lock’s CLIQ® access control technology or to become an approved Mul-T-Lock distributor, please call 01902 364200, email or visit


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