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It’s Official – Fire Evacuation for all Needs to be taken Seriously

It’s Official - Fire Evacuation for all Needs to be taken Seriously

‘The British Standards Institution (BSI) has withdrawn its new guidance on fire risk assessments after a bereaved Grenfell family threatened legal action, saying it ignored critical inquiry recommendations relating to people with disabilities’
Inside Housing 5.3.21

We have: Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, The Home Office Fire Risk Assessment; Supplementary guidance for Means of Escape for Disabled Persons, Building Regulations Part B, The Equality Act but how many people work in the spirit of these and actively look to ensure that disabled people Do have a Means of Escape?

Evaccess always recommend that an assessment is made, before we supply any evacuation chairs or stair climbers, as many people are not aware what is available on the market.

  • We check the needs of the individual
  • We check which models work on the stairs and landings on a building
  • We check whether it is for access and or evacuation
  • We check that the client fully understands the application, operation, training and servicing requirements
  • We recommend from a number of products from our comprehensive range, to ensure the client can make an informed decision.

Why is Evaccess Different?

We offer the largest range of products and care about the individuals that Evacuation Assisted Devices are required for.

  • Evaccess can offer bespoke solutions
  • Evaccess refers to experts in a variety of fields to ensure that the clients have the best advice to make their decisions.


It’s always good to go back to basics and maybe it’s time to check out The Home Office’s: Fire Risk Assessment Supplementary Guidance Means of Escape for Disabled People. Section 1.1 Legal Overview states clearly, with no caveats for general needs buildings:

“1.1 Legal overview: The Fire and Rescue Service’s role in fire evacuation is that of ensuring that the means of escape in case of fire and associated fire safety measures provided for ALL people who may be in a building are both adequate and reasonable, considering the circumstances of each particular case. Under current fire safety legislation, it is the responsibility of the person(s) having responsibility for the building to provide a fire safety risk assessment that includes an emergency evacuation plan for all people likely to be in the premises, including disabled people, and how that plan will be implemented.

Such an evacuation plan should not rely upon the intervention of the Fire and Rescue Service to make it work……..”

Elspeth Grant CertFRA TDipIT 1st degree connection 1st
CEO/Expert PEEPs Advisor & Trainer at TripleAconsult.

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