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The Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 made it a legal requirement that wayfinding signs; floor identification and flat directory signs, be installed in high rise residential buildings. A year on, JALITE are still inundated with questions about wayfinding and the implications for Responsible Persons alike.

As a beacon for technical information, JALITE is innately wired to help our authorised distributors decipher the application of legislation. We are always equipped with our recommendations, ready to share our guidance to ensure that Responsible Persons such as yourselves can prove their competence as required. This comes as new legislation called for competence and compliance, and negligence of these requirements, to be recorded throughout the history of building.

Our last article on wayfinding, touched on the definition, need, and implications of wayfinding signs, without going into JALITE recommendations for these signs.

With this in mind, we thought we would re-emphasise JALITE floor identification signs, that have been available as part of our standard range for some time now. You can have complete assurance that these signs are compliant to The Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022; designed according to recommendations in Approved Document B.

Below we are mainly focusing on our standard JALITE floor identification signs, as we are conscious that flat directory signs will often be bespoke to building requirements. Although, we can fulfil these bespoke requirements for flat directory signs upon enquiry.


Wayfinding pertains to indicator signs that help fire and rescue services navigate unfamiliar environments such as in blocks of flats and high-rise residential buildings.

According to Approved Document B, wayfinding signs should be easily legible and readable in low level lighting conditions, especially for firefighters during an emergency. JALITE photoluminescent wayfinding signs therefore effortlessly fulfil these requirements.

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Although recommendations only legally require that wayfinding signs be installed in high rise residential buildings above 18m, JALITE are advocates for the full approach i.e. the application of wayfinding signs in other multioccupancy homes that are below 18m.

This is not a legal requirement of course; however, as leaders in setting Standards for fire safety signs, working on the principles of best practice, JALITE naturally propose a holistic approach to wayfinding signs. This is reinforced by government suggestions, that states that ‘Responsible persons may wish to consider installing such signs in any other existing multi-occupied residential building’. With talks of these suggestions eventually becoming part of the regulations, there are opportunities for JALITE photoluminescent wayfinding signs to be installed, to aid the emergency services, minimise the risks to life safety in all instances.


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JALITE are your trusted source of technical information and recommendations that are compliant to legislation, especially for wayfinding signs. We are committed to quality, a principle that underpins even the guidance that we give you.

If you need help, further information, and quality wayfinding signs that will protect you and occupants of residential buildings, please contact us today on +44 (0) 1268 242300 or sales@jalite.com for more information.