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Jalite Pioneer New Sign Designs

Jalite Pioneer New Sign Designs

The new products are designed in accordance with:

BS5499-1:2002 – Graphical symbols and signs – Safety signs, including fire safety signs – Part 1: Specification for geometric shapes, colours and layout

BS5499-6:2002 – Graphical symbols and signs – Safety signs, including fire safety signs – Part 6: Creation and design of graphical symbols for use in safety signs – Requirements

ISO3864-1:2002 – Graphical symbols – Safety colours and safety signs – Part 1: Design principles for safety signs in workplaces and public areas

Emergency Grab Bag 4080C

Essential medical and survival equipment is stored in a designated bag to aid emergency evacuation and survival. The sign quickly locates and identifies the equipment.

Chemical Spill Kit 4053C

With any chemical spill confinement is essential, easily locate and identify the chemical spill kit for fast deployment to contain a localised spillage and minimise potential environmental contamination

Emergency Grab Hook 4059C

Commonly used in the power generation industry for the emergency recovery of persons suffering electric shock, rapid identification and location of this life saving equipment is essential.

The all new products are manufactured from Jalite AAA photoluminescent material, boasting exceptional luminance at low excitation levels. Providing identification of emergency equipment both in normal and power loss situations.

Jalite plc have been producing quality photoluminescent safety products for over 30 years, including fire safety signs, health and safety signs, safety wayguidance systems and photoluminescent paint and safety tape.

Jalite are renowned for supplying photoluminescent safety products to specific markets, this includes fire fighting equipment to the offshore oil industry, life safety and appliances on board ships, merchant vessels, ferries and cruise liners, emergency life saving equipment in industrial, commercial and retail premises, and emergency lighting systems for aircrafts and trains.