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Macbryde Homes use a viable alternative to enclosing stairwells or residential sprinklers

Macbryde Homes use a viable alternative to enclosing stairwells or residential sprinklers

MacBryde Homes was already aware of an alternative innovative residential fire suppression solution, which would overcome these potential problems and facilitate the open plan design. 

The alternative was Automist from Plumis, which uses a high pressure pump to generate a fine water suppression mist from nozzles, which can be mounted under a standard mono bloc mixing tap,stand alone on a work top, a wall or as in this case on the side of the staircase with the pump assembly hidden under the staircase. 

The benefits include rapid and automatic fire suppression, neat and economical installation with the need for significantly less pipework and disruption than a traditional sprinkler system, plus greatly reduced water damage to the fabric of the property, fixtures and fittings in the event of a discharge.

Macbryde Homes believed that Automist would be a more cost-effective solution than sprinklers for the contemporary open plan design of the project and at the same time comply with building regulations. This proposal to use the Automist solution plus a further fire precaution of providing escape windows at first floor level was submitted to Building Control and they were approved as alternative compensatory measures.

Family run with traditional values yet forward thinking ideas,MacBryde Homes have been building homes for over 25 years. They base their success on maintaining excellent customer satisfaction and were delighted that they could achieve the open plan design feature with a very cost effective,unobtrusive solution, which will be considered for future designs with similar requirements. 

For further information on this project, open plan fire building regulations or the Plumis Automist range of water-mist suppression solutions call Plumis on 020 81338775, visit or email