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Naturvent – the first engineered solution to smoke and fire in the residential and small business environment

Naturvent – the First Engineered Solution to Smoke and Fire in the Residential and Small Business Environment

Ash Fire Management’s innovative Naturvent system is being showcased in a series of displays taking place next month at the North Weald Airfield, Essex.

Based on established technology that has been in use for many years in large commercial premises, Ash Fire Management has adapted this technology for application into the residential housing sector utilising innovative and patented variations.

This is an important advancement in the fight against the threat to life caused by the bi-products of fire. Using the latest technology in fire detection, the Naturvent system will vent the toxic gases and fumes that incapacitate victims. Testing at BRE has shown that the period of survivability is greatly increased with a Naturvent system installed, as can be seen on the graphs of the data recorded. Oxygen levels are maintained and visibility greatly enhanced enabling a safer operating environment for the fire and rescue services.

The timber framed house that was used for the BRE tests is being re-built for the demonstrations. There will be two displays daily, at 11.00 am and 2.00 pm, Monday to Friday from 16th February, each lasting approximately 2 hours. Refreshments will be provided, however places are limited, so anyone interested in attending is urged to email Nicky at More information is available at