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New EvacuateME App Available

New EvacuateME App Available

Swallow EMP are proud to launch the EvacuateME App that works simply, as does the rest of our product range of Evacuation Chairs and Stair Climbers.

Individual Create Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans for disabled and vulnerable people.

PEEPs store multiple evacuation plans on your mobile device – no need to complete additional forms every time you visit a different building.

Moving App – takes you along the actual route.

Disabled and vulnerable people as well as their carers can familiarise themselves with the buildings evacuation routes, evacuation equipment and the evacuation techniques

The responsible person (RP) of the building completes the plans and will continue to review if any changes take place that affect the escape routes.

Business – The RP outlines the building design, evacuation equipment on site and evacuation techniques that are used in the building.

When a person enters the building they find the building on their app and upload the plan. It is a moving evacuation plan

An APP to move evacuation plans forward

Here’s how it works

A business may not be aware that a person requires assistance. The App enables the responsible person to know when vulnerable people are in their building and to programme the required evacuation plan – a plan to suit their needs.

Complete a plan, upload and use in 10 minutes.

Gain repeat custom from individuals and their families as they can evacuate the building safely.

Know when disabled and vulnerable people are on the premises, locate them in an emergency and know if they have left the building.

One off fee which is dependent on the size of the business.

For more information please visit www.swallowemp.com or call 0121 366 9275