Prysmian launches new Afumex cable range & website

Prysmian launches new Afumex cable range & website

Afumex is specifically designed for use in today’s modernbuildings in place of the standard PVC cabling that can be so hazardous in theevent of fire. In the early stages of a fire, the primary danger is not flamebut toxic gas and studies* have shown lethal conditions can arise in buildingsas quickly as 3 minutes after fire breaks out with most deaths due to beingovercome by gas or smoke. It therefore makes sense to use a cable that does notgive off hazardous gas or smoke and contribute to flame spread.

On a separate note, according to the Approved CablesInitiative (ACI), 27% of all UK fires are attributed to faulty wiring andcabling and 20% of all cables within the UK supply chain are unsafe, unapprovedor fraudulent.

Afumex quality assured cables are reliable and proven lowsmoke zero halogen, flame retardant cables unlike their PVC counterparts or thelarge volume of counterfeit, unsafe and non approved cables circulating in the marketplace.

In fact, all Afumex branded products meet or exceed thecable construction standard, the low smoke standard, the zero halogen standardand the flame retardant standard.

Afumex provides excellent resistance to ignition and flamespread, producing very low levels of smoke and virtually no acidic gases whenburnt, safeguarding human life and protecting buildings and equipment.

Content accessible on the new websiteincludes data sheets, technical papers, ERA test reports, articles, details ofassociated Afumex components, BASEC certificates and information for technicalsubmissions.

Visit: for more information.