Prysmian Serves Up Fire Protection At Wimbledon

Prysmian Serves Up Fire Protection At Wimbledon

John Brewer, Director of Powerpoint, the lead fire alarm contractor on the project, explained the benefits of using Prysmian’s FP cable. We used FP200 Gold because of its ease of installation but also because it is recommended by the authorities and meets all the required industry standards, so we can rely on the competence of the cable for a venue like Wimbledon, which attracts large numbers of people.” FP200 Gold is approved for fire detection and fire alarm critical signal paths in BS5839 – 1:2002 ‘standard’ application areas, voice alarm systems to BS 5839-8:1998 (AMD 2006) and emergency lighting systems to BS5266-1:2005.

As well as being dependable, explained that FP200 Gold’s ease of use hugely benefited the installation process. “The cable is easy to terminate therefore making installation quick and simple.” Adding to the straightforward installation, Powerpoint used the FP Firefix double clip to fix the FP200 Gold cable. FP Firefix uses ITW Spit Pulsa gas nailing technology to nail the fixing into position into a variety of substrates. “Unlike conventional clipping methods this is an extremely fast way to fix the cable,” commented John.

Prysmian’s FP cable is set for further use in the All England Club refurbishment as Powerpoint goes on to work on the No.2 Court later in the year. The improvements to Centre Court, which started in 2006, are on schedule to be fully completed by The Championships 2009, which will include the installation of the retractable roof.

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