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Train Industry Incorporates Jalite Photoluminescent Material

Train Industry Incorporates Jalite Photoluminescent Material

Photoluminescent materials are used all over the world, ranging in application from Industrial, Marine, Aviation, Office and many more environments. Photoluminescents provide clear, concise information in the event of power loss. Photoluminescent escape route signs can greatly assist in the identification of an escape route, enabling occupants to reach a place of safety in an emergency. Emergency lighting systems can take up to 15 seconds to activate, it is within those vital seconds, under conditions of total power failure that JALITE photoluminescent signs and associated products will immediately illuminate helping you to evacuate to safety.

JALITE AAA photoluminescent products require no electrical installation, powered naturally by exposure to light, i.e. daylight, tungsten filament or fluorescent lighting. In today’s environment where we are ever more conscious about our contribution to our over all carbon footprint, installed JALITE photoluminescent products have the ability to provide an effective non-contributing product.

Commercial users will benefit from major power savings returned from a product which requires extremely low maintenance (only occasional cleaning) and no consumption of electricity, whilst passengers to the train industry will benefit from the potential to save lives in the event of power loss emergency.

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