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Tunnels In The Dark

Tunnels In The Dark

Vehicles such as cars and lorries transporting petrol and dangerous substances must be considered as a high risk within a tunnel and many aspects must be considered in the case of an emergency. These include ventilation of smoke in a fire, escape routes to evacuate all within the tunnel, alarms and means to alert individuals of an emergency, maintaining the structure under severe heat, or an explosion. Tunnels are extremely unfamiliar territory to almost all occupants, if one of these situations were to arise, people could be forced to leave their vehicles, resulting in an emergency evacuation… could they find the way out?

With this serious question in mind, Jalite set out to develop a range of tunnel signs to give unambiguous identification to designed escape routes, with signs strategically positioned throughout the tunnel length.

Utilising unique high performance photoluminescent pigments coupled with a protective coating giving added durability against traffic pollutants, these signs are not only visible under normal lighting conditions but most importantly under emergency blackout situations.

Jalite tunnel signs are designed to be installed as a complete system, with signs positioned side by side indicating the distance to the nearest exit in both directions, educating the evacuee to make an informed decision on the route of egress to be taken.

For further information please visit www.jalite.com