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Update: Aico revisit LACORS reform

Update: Aico revisit LACORS reform

Aico recently facilitated a panel discussion on the LACORS (Local Authorities Coordinators of Regulatory Services) guidance document, following on from a similar discussion in October 2020.


The initial discussion called for the establishment of ownership of the document, due to the Local Government Association’s relinquishment of authority, the updating of key areas and the addition of sections. Following this update and reform to LACORS, the discussion reached consensus that all within the sector would adopt the document.


Now, Aico have facilitated another virtual panel discussion to gain an update for the sector. Aico’s Relationships Manager Tina Mistry chaired the webinar, joined by Jake Mathias of RHE Global, Simon Moore of C S Todd & Associates Ltd and Gavin Dick of the NRLA (National Residential Landlords Association).

In the session, it was revealed that the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) are reviewing the LACORS document in line with the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS). Jake Mathias, RHE Global, and Simon Moore, C S Todd & Associates Ltd, are part of this undertaking, commissioned by the MHCLG.


Jake Mathias and Simon Moore explained how this review aims to address some of the points raised in the initial LACORS discussion; reforming the HHSRS with the possibility of incorporating minimum standards to consolidate requirements for the housing sector. Both parties acknowledged the disconnect in the complex landscape of standards, regulations and legislation, particularly in relation to fire safety, and are examining for commonalities in order to address this. This review will use three main methods of consultation with landlord groups, tenant bodies and focus groups of fire experts to gain the scope necessary for the document to remain applicable to all tenures. The key outcomes will be a simpler means of banding assessments, updating guidance for landlords, refreshing enforcement guidance for Local Authorities and producing guidance for tenants.


Tina Mistry, Relationships Manager for Aico, commented “LACORS is a widely used document by many in the private and social rented sector, and this has been made clear in these webinars. LACORS very much needs to be updated and requires a collaborative approach to develop a document fit for purpose. The update in line with the HHSRS is a positive step towards achieving more cohesion and clarity within the sector.”

The review commenced in October 2020 and has a timescale for completion of 2 years.

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