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The Vimpex Fire-Cryer Voice Sounder, with its unique and innovative design, offers a highly effective solution for emergency evacuation procedures in settings with individuals with sensory sensitivities. It plays a pivotal role in inclusive emergency preparedness, setting it apart from other evacuation systems.


Voice evacuation systems have long been recognised for their effectiveness in enhancing safety and facilitating effective evacuation procedures. Compared to traditional alarm signals, voice messaging significantly reduces response time, with research showing that 75% of individuals react immediately to clear, authoritative voice messages during fire emergencies. The Fire-Cryer Voice Sounder builds upon the advantages of vocal alarms by providing diverse messages tailored to different alarm states and evacuation zones. This feature improves the overall safety of building occupants and enables phased and staged evacuation in complex buildings, reducing the risk of panic and confusion.


One of the critical advantages of voice evacuation systems is their ability to address the needs of individuals with sensory sensitivities. According to the Fire Industry Association (FIA) guidance, voice alarm sounders are recommended for special schools, care homes, and other facilities catering to those with sensory sensitivities, people who are hard of hearing or older people. Traditional alarm sounders, with their shrill and ear-piercing tones, can trigger panic and anxiety in individuals with conditions such as autism, hearing aid users or those with a variety of mental health issues. In contrast, voice sounders have been shown to mitigate these reactions, promoting a calmer and more effective evacuation process.


The versatility of the Fire-Cryer Voice Sounder extends beyond fire applications. In environments where lockdown procedures are necessary, it provides clear and actionable instructions to occupants, ensuring their safety while minimising panic and confusion. This adaptability makes it a valuable addition to a variety of emergency preparedness plans.


“The Fire-Cryer Voice Sounder represents significant advantages over systems using basic tone sounders,” says James Jones of Vimpex. “By addressing the needs of individuals with sensory sensitivities, we are taking a proactive approach to inclusive emergency preparedness, ensuring that everyone can evacuate safely in the event of a fire or other emergency.”


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