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When is a Lift not a Lift?

When is a Lift not a Lift?

Well, the answer to that simple question isn’t as simple as you may think! The reality is that a lift isn’t the most exciting conversation piece while stood propping up the bar in your local pub. Essentially, a lift is just a metal box that one steps into when a shopping trip to your local retail outlet has been far too successful not to mention “expensive” and you need help getting up to the car park. We step into a lift not really giving it a second thought. We just trust that it will do “what it says on the tin” and miraculously transport us from ground floor to level 4,5, or to “infinity and beyond” without so much as a judder or jolt. HOWEVER, what happens in the event that the building housing the lift is actually on fire or has a power cut? Well, obviously that’s a game changer in that everything we have ever been taught about lifts will be summoned from the darkness of our subconscious and an eerie inner voice will whisper to you…”Don’t use the lift, you could get stuck”!! Well, this inner advice is normally very sound guidance and will probably save you from being smoked like a Grimsby Haddock that’s due to be in a fish pie or worse, left boring your fellow trapped passengers as you play word association games while waiting for rescue. Best advice with regards exiting a building that has a power problem would 99.9% be correct to say, use the stairs, however that isn’t taking into account of the capability of the Ecocell® lift.

Morris Vermaport Ltd are a highly experienced lift installation company and as with any company that are cutting edge, we are now recommending to clients the Ecocell® lift because of its amazing cost savings due to its extremely low energy consumption but mainly for its amazing evacuation qualities. You see, with the Ecocell® lift, normal logic is turned on its head. with this particular clever lift it can actually continue being used during a problem in the building as it operates with its very own power source and in the event that power is cut, there is a seamless exchange from mains power to the Ecocell® power source.  In fact, it is so very smooth that one would not know anything had changed, no judder, no shudder, just a seamless change to auxiliary power. Once power has shifted to auxiliary the lift has the use of an intercom system allowing it to be used as an evacuation lift that fully complies with the regulation of BS9999. So, I hear you say “compliance is one thing but how will it cope”? The simple answer is “very well thanks”, the Ecocell® lift will give you in excess of 100 journeys without breaking into a sweat. It will ensure that your valuable clients, staff, residents and visitors are all evacuated cleanly and safely from your building, regardless of the incidence that may be taking place in your building!

We would recommend that before you sign to accept a proposal from one of our competitors you must first consider what your options are from Morris Vermaport Ltd. We would welcome your request for more information and we even have a demonstration model available in our Nottingham office for you to inspect and ride in. We can also work out what your “return on investment” would be in the event that power savings and carbon footprint reduction are your main focus.

So……in answer to the original question:

When is a lift not a lift?…..when it is an Ecocell® Lift

Contact  Andy McLachlan for more details on : andym@morrisvermaport.co.uk