Acclaim For C-TEC’s Latest Innovation, The Revolutionary Hush Button

Acclaim For C-TEC's Latest Innovation, The Revolutionary Hush Button

The company won the Award for Most Innovative Business as its Hush Button was hailed at the North West Chamber of Commerce hosted Wigan Business Awards as a truly innovative product which would, undoubtedly, have a positive impact and potentially save thousands of lives in housing complexes, student halls of residence and tower block apartments.

Explains Andrew Foster, C-TEC’s Managing Director and inventor of the trail-blazing product: A Hush Button can be looked upon as a miniature fire alarm, providing the resident with the means to silence false alarms themselves, for example, should they set the fire alarm off accidentally by burning a meal so preventing false alarms and full-scale evacuation of other residents in the building. By putting each resident firmly in control of their own fire detection systems, Hush Buttons reduce false alarms, unnecessary and irritating building evacuations at all times of the day and night and the likelihood of a real fire alarm being ignored. The benefits are immense.”

Established in 1981, C-TEC is a leading manufacturer of life safety equipment including fire alarm control panels, disabled refuge systems and call communication systems. All C-TEC’s products are manufactured in the UK in an environment approved by the three major independent approval bodies, the LPCB, the BSI and the VdS. Last year, the company’s products were exported to over 80 countries.

C-TEC’s Director of Accounts, Linda Cunliffe said: “Winning this award is an amazing achievement for C-TEC. We are delighted that our latest innovation has been recognised in this way and incredibly proud of the hard work and dedication of everyone that works at C-TEC”.