Advanced Protocol Beam Detector Improves Performance and Reduces Lifetime Cost of Ownership.

Advanced Protocol Beam Detector Improves Performance and Reduces Lifetime Cost of Ownership.

Each 6500 Series detector protects up to 1500 square metres, making it very effective in protecting shopping centre atriums, concert halls, historic buildings, warehouses and other large areas with high ceilings.

The System Sensor Advanced Protocol identifies the producttype to the panel, reducing configuration time. It supports up to 159 detectorsand 159 modules on a loop, reducing cabling costs; remotely controllableisolation is built-in to reduce cable fault-finding time. 

Access to theprocessed and raw sensor data enables trend logging and maintenance intervalsto be optimised for maximum efficiency. It also enables the control panelremotely to change the sensitivity setting and implement remote testing fromground level, saving considerable costs when commissioning and during routinemaintenance. 

The 6500 Series has four fixed and two automatically variablesensitivity settings, enabling it to be optimised to the operating environment.Loop and externally powered intelligent versions are available, as areconventional units.

The 6500S features the unique AssureTest patented remotetest capability that fully tests both the optics and the electronics of thedevice without having directly to access the unit. A filter iselectromechanically introduced into the optical path, attenuating the beam andcausing the unit to go into alarm. 

Unlike procedures that merely test theunit’s electronics, this test process satisfies the regulatory authorities byproviding a complete check of every component in the alarm path without theneed for access at high level. 

The filter is remotely activated from thecontrol panel; given that the majority of beam detectors are likely to beinstalled at a considerable height, considerable time and cost is saved duringroutine maintenance. Initial alignment and setup is a simple operation for oneman.


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