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AlightForLife® Directional Way Finder Fire Safety Light

AlightForLife® Directional Way Finder Fire Safety Light

What do you think is the most important thing to see in fire, we think it’s light! Help us save a life.

This product was invented because unfortunately an elderly gentleman died in a fire because he became disorientated in his own environment. In other words he could not see through the smoke to get out of the fire. This product lights the way to safety in smoke and fire conditions.

We at LiteForLife simply struggled with the concept of fitting emergency lights at high level to aid safe escape in fire situations. As with any fire, smoke will rise to the highest part of a room and render the lighting ineffective (smoke logging), in return this will cause delays for people trying to escape, disorientation occurs, possible injuries or death, additionally this causes delays for fire fighting personnel when orienteering in fire conditions. 

With life preservation at the forefront of our design, AlightForLife was developed to aid safe escape and fire fighting. The first challenge was where should Alightforlife be fitted. Following thorough investigation and the technical knowledge of our team, it was decided that the fitting should be fitted low level, at a maximum height of 400mm from the floor, this would offer the optimum aid for safe egress below a smoke layer, the second challenge was how to make AlightForLife aware that a fire has evolved. 

We have various models in production for varying fire policies in buildings, where smoke detection is present, as patent pending wireless listening device within the light fitting constantly monitors for alarm actuation, on hearing the alarm AlightForLife will illuminate and clearly show the way to safety.

We also offer a system that works within the non-fire detected zones i.e. general needs building with communal areas (stay put policy). This can also work on volt free signalling to the light directly from a fire alarm system. 


  • A directional LED light that actuates by sensing the sound of smoke sounders or via a non sounding smoke head in communal parts of general needs buildings (stay put policy)
  • Emergency light capabilities for up to eight hours, delectable drain down times can set to avoid deep discharge on the battery
  • Formed in ABS plastic for low flammability
  • Switchable daylight sensing facility
  • Built in Intelligence self test facility with visible warning LEDs for easy maintenance
  • The directional LED arrow can be set to flash for a more conspicuous effect, ideal at final exit
  • Strip version also available for light only and directional
  • Suitable for surface and flush mounting on walls and surfaces
  • Back mounting plates and cages are available for building sites, heavy traffic areas
  • 100v option available in yellow
  • Fully CE approved

AlightForLife can be produced in any colour to suit the environment it is installed to be within.

AlightForLife is the first light of its kind and we at Lite4Life feel it should sit under its own banner of Fire Safety Light not only does it illuminate in fire and smoke conditions automatically, it will also illuminate when there is power failure in building and is capable of staying on for up to 8 hours.