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Ecocell Lift offers the user “Double Escape Option”

Ecocell Lift Offers the User “Double Escape Option”

While we all know that the British media tend to somewhat embellish on the truth in order to sell news papers, on occasion, I fall foul of these headlines and submit to the calling of my enquiring mind. A couple of “headlines” grabbed my attention only very recently as I wandered around the news paper stand during lunchtime, The Daily Mail headline Read:

Homeowners face £1,000 increase in electricity bills: ‘Folly’ of relying on wind power ‘will cost homes £26bn by 2030’

National Grid state “Blackout Potential Increases”

  • Wind farm reliance could see costly electricity bills and winter power cuts
  • Experts claim it will lead to costs being passed on to consumers
  • Next winter’s electricity production margins are at an ‘all time low!

(full article available online )

Before you read on, it is worth Noting at this stage that Morris Vermaport embraces all green energy and do not agree that wind power is “Folly”.

The article started to get me thinking about the forthcoming piece I needed to write for the “Means Of Escape” website, and it tickled my mind into considering that, actually “if” there is any truth in this doomsday prediction, exactly how would MASSIVE rises in the cost of power and potential power cuts impact on the world in which I dwell…Yes folks “The World Of The Passenger Lift”, and of course, what about the direct impact on businesses which require the safe movement of peopleIt doesn’t take a genius to realise that power cuts for the likes of a Hospital, care home, School; Hotels etc could be disastrous given that most people seem to have an aversion to being suspended at height in a steel box by a cable!!. It’s fair to say that without power, the boys in those big red fire trucks will be very busy releasing people trapped in lifts.

So how do we have an escape from the blackouts, a powerless lift

and escape increasing energy costs?

It is not just the cost of power that is a concern, we should also have consideration regards the cost of servicing of any lift installed in a building, well, let’s face it, you really do “get what you pay for”, and, “cheap and cheerful” isn’t always the best option for long term efficiency. We are fortunate at Morris Vermaport Ltd to have a significant amount of independent data which has been produced by Nottingham University with regards our evacuation lift the Ecocell®. In fact, for the more technically gifted among you (not I) we have statistic after statistic which validates our amazing product the Ecocell® as being HUGLEY efficient with energy use… see this taster Graph below:

So you see, with the Ecocell® lift, normal logic is turned on its head because with this particular clever lift it can actually continue being used during a power cut as it operates with its very own power source and in the event that power is interrupted, there is a seamless exchange from mains power to the Ecocell® power source.  In fact, it is so very smooth that one would not know anything had changed, with no judder, no shudder, just a seamless change to auxiliary power. Once power has shifted to auxiliary, the lift has the use of an intercom system allowing it to be used as an evacuation lift that fully complies with the regulation of BS9999 and you will have over 100 movements in order to safely remove people from your building.

It seems logical to think that with a strong BREEAM rating, evacuation qualities and energy efficiency, the Ecocell® really must be a serious consideration for anyone responsible for the planning of a successful cost efficient development along with the safety of its people. I don’t think it is by accident that some of our clients within the education, health and care sectors are really getting a serious hold on how to protect themselves from rising energy costs while still benefiting from fabulous evacuation capability giving a unique Double escape facility from one product.

Watch our short video then contact us to see how you can benefit from The Double Escape Option provided by Ecocell® https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6fGckVjgUU&feature=youtu.be&html5=1