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Argos Fire choose Detectomat’s SRC 3000 for best value temporary fire detection on construction sites

Argos Fire Choose Detectomat's SRC 3000 for Best Value Temporary Fire Detection on Construction Sites

When Vale Builders (Southern) of Portsmouth won thetenders for a major hotel chain’s projects in Exeter, Birmingham and Bradford,the hotel’s insurance assessor ruled that they must install a fire alarm systemon each individual construction site. 

Paul Baber Argos’ Sales Consultant recommended that they use the Detectomat SRC3000 wireless detect, a movable system that could be used on several differentsites in turn, does not require cabling is quick and easy to install and can beeasily moved from site to site as necessary.

Vale Builders Managing Surveyor, Graeme Hodge wasdelighted with the decision to use Detectomat. Because the alarm is wireless, we avoided the considerable charges whichwould have been incurred for each hole drilled to accommodate cabling. 

This represents a significant cost saving particularly on a large site such as the105-bedroom new build in Exeter but also reduces the time spent before construction can begin for smaller sites like the 18-bed extension in Birmingham and the 20-bed hotel refurbishment in Bradford. The initial purchasecost of the alarm can also be spread over several projects as it has been in this case”.

A major advantage of the Detectomatproduct is that it can be re-used following servicing, again and again. Paul Baber says “The flexibility and ease of operation of the SRC3000 proved a’godsend’. Having been on site for some 3 to 4 months until project completionwe removed, serviced and stored the system until it was sent to the nextproject. A competent Detectomat engineer provided each fitting”.

TheSRC3000 system is wire-free with a 100M LOS range and comprises of a FireWarning panel and a comprehensive range of wireless linked battery poweredfield devices including automatic detector/sounders and manual call points,which are temporarily located to protect the construction as it progresses.

Detectomat’s product offer ranges from design consciousdetector covers for residential and commercial applications to conventional,addressable and leading edge wire-free systems, marketed under the company’s wirelessdetect brand. 

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