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New & Best Value: 10 Year Optical Smoke Alarm From Detectomat!

New & Best Value: 10 Year Optical Smoke Alarm From Detectomat!

In addition to reliable performance the HD sensys has unique features including contamination monitoring to alert the user andavoid false alarms due to dirty smoke alarms and an alarm history to indicateactivation within the previous 24 hours. Plus a total cover push to test/silencefunction for simpler and safer high level operation. And a third party certified adhesive fixing pad as an alternative to screw fixing.

Detectomat is a leading manufacturer of commercial and residential fire detection and alarmproducts with a global presence. It has been established in the UK for circa 5years and during that time has supplied > 300,000 Smoke Alarms for monitoreddispersed alarms and other applications. 

During the last three months,following major success with residential smoke alarms in Germany, detectomathas started to introduce the HD sensys smoke alarm to selected Fire Services as part of a pilot scheme.Trials are underway, orders have been placed and the product is now beingoffered to the wider Fire Services community. 

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