ASFP seeks support for developing operable curtains guidance

ASFP seeks support for developing operable curtains guidance

The Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) is seeking assistance from individuals, manufacturers or installers involved in the manufacture and installation of operable fire and smoke curtains to assist it in developing independent guidance on the use and specification of operable curtains.

Having recognised that there is no independent guidance on the use and specification of operable curtains, with currently available guidance limited to manufacturers’ literature and short guides on particular end-use applications, the ASFP seeks to address this shortcoming with the production of a ‘Colour Book’ for operable curtains.

The new document will form part of the ASFP’s popular Colour Books range, which contains detailed information on the use, specification, fire testing and certification of various passive fire protection products, together with information on legislation relevant to the product concerned, such as  Building Regulations and Risk Assessment legislation. Documents in the range include the ASFP ‘Yellow Book’ – Fire protection for structural steel in buildings; the ASFP ‘Red Book’ – Fire-stopping: Linear joint seals, penetration seals and small cavity barriers and the ASFP ‘Grey Book’ – Fire dampers (European standards).

The ‘Colour Books’ are referenced as suitable guidance in Building Regulations statutory documents such as Approved Document B and are available for free download from the ASFP website at Each contains lists of products whose fire performance has been independently verified. Manufacturing members of the ASFP can – after completing the applicable verification process – list their products in the appropriate Colour Book, thus creating a link between their products and the Building Regulations.

The recent inclusion in the ASFP’s membership of one of the major UK manufacturers of operable curtains – Coopers Fire – has provided the technical impetus needed to commence work on ‘Colour Book’ for operable curtains. However,  in order to ensure the widest acceptance by the market, the ASFP is additionally seeking selected organisations and individuals outside of its current membership to assist with the production of the guidance.

Participation will normally comprise a small number of half day meetings to work on a draft document. There will be no reimbursement for time or expenses incurred in attending meetings, but all contributors will get an acknowledgment in the document’s Foreword. Any interested organisations should contact the ASFP Technical Officer Niall Rowan for further information ; email:

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