ASFP to hold Active Fire Curtain Webinar

ASFP to hold Active Fire Curtain webinar

The Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) is holding a webinar on Active Fire Curtains from 12-1pm on Wednesday 9 September. It will provide an introduction to the different types of fire curtain and how they operate and explain their advantages and limitations.

The event will also launch the ASFP’s new Black Book: Active Fire Curtains: Compartmentation and Protected Routes, 1st Edition: Guidance on specification, use and application of product. This is the most up-to-date independent guide to the provision of proprietary active fire curtains. It outlines how to select a suitable fire curtain, as well as best practice considerations for all involved in the specification, installation and maintenance of such products.

With active fire curtains increasingly being considered as an alternative to conventional compartmentation elements as designers seek to create more open plan buildings, the webinar will be of interest to all involved in the manufacture, specification, purchase, commissioning or maintenance of fire curtains. It will also offer useful guidance to inspection authorities, risk assessors, facilities managers and business owners, providing a useful introduction to all the requirements related to maintaining active fire curtains.

The event is the second in the ASFP’s programme of free passive fire protection (PFP) webinars. Each focuses on a different PFP system, providing a detailed introduction to the main characteristics of each product type and explaining the product testing, performance and installation requirements. They also introduce the ASFP best practice guidance related to each product – particularly the ASFP suite of ‘Colour Books’, which are referenced in the Building Regulations and provide definitive guidance on the full range of passive fire protection measures.

The full programme of scheduled events includes:

  • Wednesday 9 September, 12-1pm – Active fire curtains
  • Wednesday 14 October, 12-1pm – Firestopping and penetration seals
  • Wednesday 11 November, 12-1pm – Fire protection of structural steel
  • Wednesday 9 December, 12-1pm – Fire and smoke resisting dampers
  • Now available on demand – Fire-resisting ductwork

For details of the full ASFP webinar programme and to reserve your place, visit:


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