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Automist Best Value Compensatory Measure App

Automist best value compensatory measure app

Traditional sprinkler systems are well known to both save lives and avoid property loss and they are widely used in commercial and industrial applications.But for domestic properties they are less popular partly because of the high costs and disruption caused during installation but also because of the potential for water damage during activation.

Plumis has developed a better value, simpler, easier to install and more discreet active fire suppression solution for the home. Automist uses water mist technology, which suffocates a fire by removing heat and displacing oxygen from the fire is the first active fire protection system that combines low cost and ease of retrofit with excellent aesthetics. This affordable alternative to residential sprinklers uses a high pressure pump to generate a fine water mist from nozzles, which can be mounted conveniently under a standard tap for open plan kitchen/diner applications. The innovative system can also be mounted stand alone on a work top or even a wall to provide a protected escape route from an upper floor. Automist gives designers a number of active fire protection options to protect escape routes, aid evacuation and facilitate open plan designs for a viable cost – and without the drawbacks – of passive compartmentation or traditional sprinkler systems.

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