Best practice in action in BM TRADA’s ‘Passive Fire Protection Demonstration Zone’

Best practice in action in BM TRADA’s ‘Passive Fire Protection Demonstration Zone’

BM TRADA will be highlighting the benefits of effective passive fire protection through a range of interactive exhibits, live demonstrations and free seminars at this year’s Firex International at London Excel 16-18 June.  

Full-scale corridor and suspended ceiling simulation

BM TRADA will be offering regular tours of its 80m² passive fire protection demonstration zone (C165) which will feature a full-size corridor and suspended ceiling simulation.  The exhibits will demonstrate best practice specification and installation of passive fire protection measures including fire doors, service pipes, cables, light switches and downlighters.

The tour will then take visitors to full size display models of a charred fire door and a glazing system, as well as burnt pipes and cables, all of which will clearly demonstrate how passive fire protection measures work to prevent the spread of fire. A reaction to fire display will also highlight the performance of fire protective coatings.

Dramatic time-lapse film of passive fire protection product testing 

At the end of the tour, visitors will be able to watch a series of short time-lapse films of a fire resistance test on a pair of doors, a glazing system and pipes and cables, which will clearly demonstrate the importance of good installation and which will dramatically demonstrate the difference in performance of correctly and incorrectly specified and installed door, glass and fire stopping components.

In addition, interactive models comparing, side by side, the correct and incorrect specification and installation of fire doors and fire stopping for pipes and cables will provide visitors with an opportunity to identify the errors and discuss specification and installation issues with BM TRADA’s team of experts.

Fire door maintenance survey demonstrations

The importance of fire door maintenance will be demonstrated on each day of the show when BM TRADA carries out a detailed fire door survey. Visitors will be able to witness first-hand the types of remedial work that often needs to be undertaken on fire doors to ensure they continue to provide the required period of fire resistance and how this can be completed using approved repair techniques developed specifically for the BM TRADA Q-Mark Fire Door Maintenance third party certification scheme.

Live 30 minute fire test

On the afternoon of Tuesday June 16th visitors to the exhibition will be able to witness a live 30 minute fire test.

The test will be broadcast live from BM TRADA’s fire testing facility in High Wycombe straight into the main Firex Seminar theatre, offering viewers an opportunity to see for real the crucial role played by fire doors in saving lives and property.  The test will show two identical doors subjected to a prolonged period of fire. One of the doors will have been correctly specified and installed, while the other will demonstrate many of the common mistakes made.

FREE half day seminar – ‘Fire Doors Explained – understanding the essentials’

On the morning of Tuesday June 16th BM TRADA will also be holding a free half-day seminar, Fire Doors Explained – Understanding the essentials, for delegates who book ahead via email Following the seminar, delegates will be invited to join a guided tour of the passive fire protection demonstration zone.


The important role of third party certification explained

In addition to the fire safety displays and demonstrations, BM TRADA will also be explaining the important role that third party certification plays and will be providing details of its Q-Mark third party certification schemes for fire door manufacture, installation and maintenance, as well as the installation of fire stopping elements.

Invaluable guidance and advice for anyone responsible for fire protection measures

All the activities should appeal to a wide audience from a wide variety of industry sectors and professions  including contractors, facilities and estates managers, health sector, hotel & leisure, housing associations, insurance underwriters, local authorities, retail and those fulfilling the role of the ‘Responsible Person’ under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order.   

Located alongside IFSEC, Firex International is the industry’s only event connecting the global security and fire markets. It offers fire and security professionals access to leading global technology, solutions and knowledge to ensure life safety. For free entry, register on the Firex International website.

For further information on BM TRADA’s testing services, certification schemes, seminars and technical advice call 01494 569 800; or visit