C-TEC protected with Prysmian FP

C-TEC protected with Prysmian FP

Leading life-safety equipment manufacturer C-TEC has chosen Prysmian’s FP Cables for its brand new headquarters in Wigan.

C-TEC specialise in life-safety systems such as fire alarms, voice alarms and disability products all of which feature prominently in its new 75,000 sq ft facility. For these vital systems, FP PLUS and FP200 Gold were specified and installed for maximum circuit integrity.

The voice alarm system was connected to the fire alarm system so it can broadcast alert messages in the event of an emergency. Similarly, a SigTEL Disabled Refuge System was installed enabling two-way communication between rescue teams and disabled people waiting in the refuge area.

FP200 Gold was an ideal specification as a ‘standard’ fire resistant cable which has excellent data and signal transmission characteristics making it ideal for voice alarm systems. 

FP PLUS is an ‘enhanced’ hard-skinned cable which can be used in Category 1, 2 and 3 circuits as defined by BS 8519, the code of practice for the selection and Installation of fire-resistant power and control cable systems for life safety and fire-fighting applications. Both cables are easy to install and terminate.

Stephen King, Project Engineer for electrical contractors Solid State Security, said, “This was a straightforward specification. We use FP Cables across the UK at a host of different sites; our engineers prefer them to competitor products because they are so easy to work with.”

Situated at the heart of Wigan’s Challenge Way commercial district, C-TEC’s new headquarters house manufacturing and training facilities, as well as office space and storage areas, across two expansive storeys.

Andrew Foster, C-TEC’s Managing Director, said: “Our magnificent new factory marks the beginning of a new era for C-TEC as we build on the successes of the last 30 years.”