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Case Study – Fire Risk Assessment – Slingshot Effect

Case Study – Fire Risk Assessment – Slingshot Effect

Morgan Fire Protection Ltd is a fully approved fire protection company which has been established for 25 years. The company offer their extensive experience to all types of business to ensure that they meet fire regulations whether the companies are national, regional or small to medium sized independent traders. Whatever the circumstances, Morgan Fire Protection is qualified to offer companies maintenance and advice on a full range of fire protection equipment and services. They guarantee to provide companies with a personal and individual assessment which is tailored specifically to each businesses requirements.

One of the services which Morgan Fire Protection offers is Fire Risk Assessments. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 places a duty on the ‘responsible person’ to carry out a fire risk assessment of their premises. In the workplace this is the employer or any other person who may have control of any part of the premises, for example the occupier or owner.

An example of a successful Fire Risk Assessment carried out by Morgan Fire Protection was completed by Marc Brocklesby, the Health and Safety Compliance Manager, for a company called Slingshot Effect.

Slingshot Effect is a company which puts together and tours ‘real world games’. By using real people in real locations they stage events which are ‘powerful’, ‘compelling’ and ‘tremendous fun’. (Visit their website for more information: www.slingshoteffect.co.uk.)

Morgan Fire Protection were approached by this client and presented with an unusual challenge. Not only did they need to make sure that Slingshot met their statutory obligations under the Regulatory Reform FSO 2005 and the proposed venue was safe for the one off event, Morgan Fire were also confronted with the need to meet the Local Authority and Licensing Authorities requirements to enable the event to be licensed.

The event in question was to be held in a disused warehouse for six nights in Wembley. The proposed warehouse had not been used for some time and had no forms of fire detection or fire protection and possessed a very limited suitable means of escape for the number of occupants it could hold.

Other limitations which complicated things for Morgan Fire were that remedial works needed to be effective but also cost efficient, they were only permitted to make limited changes to the structure and of course, the added pressure that there would be a large population in the venue on account of the fact that up to 500 guests per night would be attending the event.

Marc Brocklesby attended the proposed site and as a result of completing the Fire Risk Assessment and putting great effort into focusing on means of escape, Marc was able to put together a proposal which both satisfied the Local Authorities and ensured that the event was able to go ahead safely.

Together, Morgan Fire Protection and Slingshot Effect installed appropriate fire fighting equipment, temporary emergency lighting and a wire free alarm system, as well as providing additional fire signage and ensuring that staff were able to operate effectively in the event of a fire related incident occurring.

By combining the correct and flexible interpretation of Building and Fire Regulations, a little lateral thinking and an extensive knowledge of available fire safety systems and technology, Slingshot Effect were provided with a Fire Action and Fire Evacuation Plan which was approved by the relevant authorities with no adjustments being required. This in hand enabled the event to go ahead successfully.

Slingshot Effect hold similar events in eight of the UK’s major cities and Morgan Fire Protection support them with a reasonable, realistic and risk commensurate approach, ensuring their events are able to go ahead with full regulatory approval. For this reason Morgan Fire Protection were asked to develop similar plans for their recent Manchester event!


Morgan Fire Protection provide extensive fire protection services, including: Fire Risk Assessment, portable fire extinguishers, staff fire training, fire alarms, emergency lighting, fire and safety signage, Portable Appliance Testing, sprinkler systems, suppression systems, fire cabinets and dry riser testing, repair and installation.

If you feel that your business could benefit from any of the services Morgan Fire Protection offer then call them today on freephone 0800 0856 381. 

Written by Vicky Fish