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Cordia Wireless Fire Alarms

Cordia Wireless Fire Alarms

In May this year Cordia unveiled the new wireless fire alarm in the UK, with manual call-point, sounder, beacon and low battery monitoring, it is now one of the leading wireless alarms in the industry. Morgan Fire Protection are constantly looking for ways to improve fire safety for their customers and for this reason, are suppliers and installers of the new alarm system.

The new Cordia alarm is the most technically advanced of its time with many selling points. Its long range capabilities along with the ability to connect more than 100 alarms to one network mean that it is suitable for use almost anywhere. The power and security of the radio signal used are unmatched. The alarm uses Vision 4 software, which gives the user the facility to identify, on a computer, the activated call-point in the alarm network.

The alarms are easily attached to the wall and don’t need any specific configuration. This alone has many advantages. Their lack of cabling means that they are easy to fit with minimum disturbance to your home or business. In turn this saves money on installation, making up for the little costlier price of the wireless system.

In a lot of cases, wireless alarms can perform better in the event of a fire. Due to the fact there are no cables means the possibility of the wires getting damaged within the system before the alarm is sounded is eliminated.

Wireless systems are sometimes compulsory, as the only alarms allowed for use in listed and historical buildings where the potential destruction caused by installing cabling is not permitted. Another situation where they are strongly recommended is on building sites or temporary sites.





Evacuation alarm

Frequency band:

868 Mhz

Maximum range:


Number of alarms in the network:



1 year standby mode + 1hr alarm sounding






W180 x H275 x D55 mm

Power supply:

2 alkaline batteries, 1.5V, LR14



Flashing light


Morgan Fire Protection are suppliers and installers of Cordia Wireless Fire Alarms. Please contact for further information by phoning 01992 893 498, freephone 0800 085 6381 or emailing