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Debenhams Choose Evac+Chair

Debenhams Choose Evac+Chair

On specifying Evac+Chair, Chris Reed comments, ‘Evac+Chairs take up a minimal amount of space in stairways. We have purchased some of the chairs in the past and have always received an excellent service from the company’

Debenhams aims to provide for both its disabled and able-bodied customers, and has made significant investment to improve accessibility to all retail areas of its business. In the light of these improvements, consideration also had to be given to the safe egress of staff and customers in an emergency. Chris Reed explains, ‘At Debenhams we understood that we had both a legal and moral obligation to be able to evacuate all customers and staff, in particular those with mobility problems. The Evac+Chair provided the perfect solution’.

Debenhams have now strategically installed Evac+Chairs across its UK stores. The chairs are available in standard and narrow aisles models with an operating angle of up to 40┬║, and so were suitable for stores with both steep and narrow stairways. Although the chairs are lightweight and only need one person to operate, they can carry a payload of up to 150kg.

Further information is available from Evac+Chair International Ltd, ParAid House, Weston Lane, Birmingham, B11 3RS, tel 0121 706 6744, email:info@evacchair.co.uk or by visiting the company’s website at www.evacchair.co.uk