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Ecocell® to the Rescue!

Ecocell® to the Rescue!

The safe and swift evacuation of disabled people from multi level buildings is a subject that is becoming increasingly difficult to remedy. Over recent years, building design has mainly concentrated on the ease of which disabled people can gain access to all floors of a building without really looking at the egress implications, particularly in the event of an emergency such as a fire. In addition, the continued technical progression of automated wheelchairs means not only is the size of the chair increasing, but they are also more able to transport occupants with greater disabilities than before, who for example, may not easily be man-handled into an evacuation chair or similar manual device, should the need arise.

Evacuation lifts have always been considered an ideal solution, however the need for a permanent secondary back-up power supply coupled with auto change-over switches and additional cabling throughout the building has deemed cost prohibitive…until now.

Morris Vermaport Ltd have been selling their Ecocell® battery back-up lift in the U.K for over 5 years now, initially targeting the ‘energy reduction’ sector due to its ultra low power consumption and requirement of only a 240V supply. In the last couple of years however, the advantage of having a lift that can run for well over 100 journeys from a set of built-in batteries in the event of a power failure, has firmly established the Ecocell® as a unique, cost effective solution to the evacuation problem.

In addition to the ‘up front’ cost saving when compared to traditional evacuation lifts, on-going major benefits for both the lift passenger and building owner include;

  • The transition from mains supply to battery power is completely seamless ensuring a smooth, continuous comfortable ride.
  • A conveniently positioned LED display permanently shows the battery voltage ensuring regular checks can be made to give peace of mind to the building owner or facilities manager.
  • Independent tests have shown the Ecocell® consumes only 7% of the power compared to a conventional equivalent Hydraulic lift meaning on-going cost savings can be significant.
  • Fully open protocol equipment ensures you are not tied to any one, single service provider or OEM.
  • Continuous running in the event of a power cut for well in excess of 100 journeys.
  • No generator to maintain.
  • Available up to 1000kg 13 person capacity including stretcher lift size.
  • No loss of speed when running on battery power.

The MV Ecocell® is currently specified by some of the largest Councils and Universities in the U.K and is installed in various high usage environments ranging from busy hotels, offices and student accommodation. 

For more information  or a CPD on the MV Ecocell®, please visit the Morris Vermaport directory listing